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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read this far down the page, we want to shift to what our customers (and maybe you would) ask us when we first meet. These common questions will give you a sense of our value proposition and approach to which segments of the market we serve.

How Long Does it Take?

We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. The Integrate IQ on-boarding process is extremely structured. From the beginning, we tell you what we need from you and what to expect from us, complete with deadlines for every phase of the project. Typically the process takes 2-3 weeks in total to complete

What if My Software Isn't Listed?

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Can’t Zapier Do This?

Make no mistake: we LOVE Zapier and use it frequently. If Zapier has an integration that solves your problems, we strongly recommend you use it! If your integration needs go deeper than what Zapier can provide, that’s where we come in.

How Much Does it Cost?

Every integration project comes with a one-time setup fee and a 12-month maintenance agreement.

Monthly pricing is based on number of contacts. After the initial 12-month term, clients are moved to a month-to-month agreement.

I've Been Told This Isn't Possible. Is It?

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I'm Not in the US - Can You Still Help?

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Customer Support

We actually talk to our customers. You just choose how.

Our Onboarding process

Finding a new job is not fun and it can be confusing (and slow) for most of us.  We want you to know our exact process, to be as transparent as possible as we both get to know (and hopefully like) each other.


Applicant review

Welcome to the hiring process!  You’ve formally applied and someone will review your application and get back to you, regardless of the outcome.


Initial Screen

You’ll connect with someone on a video chat, so we can get a better idea of your background and you can learn more about the role.  We answer your questions and learn about you.


Group Interview

Meet a few IQ team members in this next step.  You’ll be assigned a small task (never more than 30 minutes) and you show off some of your skills in a group setting.


Final Interview

We get into the weeds and you leave with a full picture of what it’s like to work at Integrate IQ. We sometimes even invite customers or partners to participate.


Offer Letter

Our favorite part of the process where we make things official and welcome you to the team. You will understand all our perks, benefits, and general life at Integrate IQ. Let’s go!

Smart Integration Features

Our Smart Features

Avoid issues by using our intelligent sync features


Summon & Take Control

Bring the group back together and keep them focused



Time box activities to keep them running on track.



Prioritize or reach consensus through anonymous voting.


Private Mode

Generate new ideas and avoid group think.


Outline & instructions

Organize your session content for easier navigating.


Laser pointer

Highlight specific areas on the canvas as you’re presenting content.


Hide & reveal content

Hide steps and sections in the Outline until you’re ready to reveal them.



Celebrate successes in your whiteboards with confetti!


Flexible canvas options

Choose between infinite and resizable canvases to fit your needs.


Facilitator lock

Ensure no one will accidentally move content during a session


Visitor avatar options

Choose a theme for your visitor avatars.


Custom toolbar

Focus your team’s attention on the visual thinking tools they need – and hide the rest.

About us

Our Team

Meet the people who power your project’s success. Be sure to click on each person’s card to find surprising insights about each person.  Learn more >> 
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Our 20 Questions

Get the REAL scoop on who we are, what we like and all the things we prefer in our own version of 20 questions!  Learn more >>



Connecting MarTech systems to CRMs, ERPs, Accounting systems and much, more.  Learn more >>

SMS with hubspot

Wish you could send and reply with text messages directly from INSIDE HubSpot.  See how we’ve built the most advanced SMS tool for HubSpot to work just like email.  Learn more >>



See exactly how we work with your clients on our specialized projects.  Learn more >>

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Forbes Agency Council
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