Revival marketing; Finding great hashtags; Slow content movement

revival marketing

This week’s roundup includes revival marketing, creating engaging content, the art of great hashtags, reasons and methods for video marketing, and more.

The Art of Revival Marketing

Search Engine Journal


You may find that your recent ideas for content are not exactly up to snuff as far as the topics or information; your ideas just seem unoriginal. So you end up facing the age-old question of quantity versus quality..  Do you not produce content unless it is really quality or do you produce content to keep ‘touching’ your audience regardless of quality?How about keeping quantity and quality? If you have good information to share, keep sharing it but get more creative.

“Instead, consider reviving some of your old content that has already been published. There’s nothing wrong with taking an idea you’ve already written about and giving it new life with a unique marketing strategy. ”

This article will help you determine what content is worth bringing back and the steps necessary for giving it a new look. [Read more here.]


How to Create Content that Deeply Engages Your Audience


how-to-create-content-that-deeply-engages-your-audience-copyblogger-2017-02-08-15-36-19Good content is not strictly reliant on the message or information you have to offer, but how you premise that message; what is the story that comes with it that speaks to the intended audience? The story, you will find, is what really determines whether your target audience becomes engaged enough to deem the content successful.

“The ‘how’ is essentially the difference between success and failure (or good and great) when it comes to content marketing. You must tell a compelling story with the right central element for the people you’re trying to reach.”

The article also outlines four steps for creating your winning story concept: be unpredictable, simple, real and credible. [Read more here.]



How To Find Great Hashtags To Market Your Business

Kim Garst

kimgarst-com-hashtags-most-usedUsing hashtags in your social posts can seem simple and easy, but using them effectively actually takes some craft. Anyone can use the hashtag key and type a word to follow, but will it actually draw the attention you want?

“Unfortunately, if you use the WRONG hashtags, your marketing won’t be nearly as effective. This post will outline some of the ways you can research and discover relevant hashtags that people in your niche are actually looking for.”

This article includes seven great tips for better utilizing the hashtag system and finding the terms and words that will better your results. [Read more here.]


Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing


google-com-video-player-iconAre you still on the fence about video marketing? It’s time join the movement. Did you know that embedding videos on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%? And that is just one of many statistics proving video is the future of content marketing.

“In today’s fast-paced world, video marketing is one of the few types of online material that provides the value, relevance and flexibility consumers need, all while catering to the on-the-go lifestyle they want.”

Aside from listing compelling statistics on video marketing, this article also outlines five smart reasons to start using video marketing–including the fact that it is known to go viral. [Read more here.]


Is a Slow Content Movement the Future of Your Content Marketing Strategy?


skyword-com-vtcbruwonqo-ben-whiteImmediate news and information is more than expected anymore and because of this, the quality is suffering. Whether it is the knowledge of poor quality, or the fact we are too distracted by zillions of options to focus our attention one piece of content at any given moment, we oftentimes fail to digest the things we read. Which sticks with you longer: an online article or a good book? Probably the book because you read it without the compulsion to click on another article, change tabs, or check the comments.

“But some trends in other industries suggest there may be hope for the emergence of a “slow content” movement. Just as we have been conditioned psychologically for instant gratification through the manic evolution of technology, we are also beginning to feel the effects of cognitive overload and burnout.”

Read how the appreciation to ‘slow down’ has come in other industries and how you can embrace the slow content movement in your content strategy. [Read more here.]



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It’s not enough to get the reader to the blog post, it is not enough to get the likes and the comments, once. It is important to get the reader to the blog post, again, and again; and then convert them via email newsletter subscriptions. That is where the true measure measurement of your content marketing strategy should be. How many users are you converting on a regular basis into you email list? How many existing users are you converting into brand loyalists? This is an important focus, because as you continue to generate more content, your ROI and ROA (return on attention – thanks @katielance for that one!) will be key. ___________________________ Enjoy our content? Then you’ll love our exclusive community! By joining you’ll receive access to our Monthly Newsletter (The SoVerve Way) + Freebies, Resources & Archives Library, and our Facebook Group (The SoVerve Lounge) for FREE! Follow this link ➡ for details.

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