Technical Support Engineer

Position Overview

Integrate IQ is looking for a creative problem solver to help us help our clients! We need someone who can jump right into code, even to other Engineer’s code, find the problem and implement solutions. The right person loves a challenge and likes to work fast. 

In this role, you’ll be triaging and resolving reported issues, reviewing integration builds for enhancements and hopping into build new integrations as needed. If you love making systems talk, this may be the perfect fit for you! 

What You’ll Need

Expertise with APIs, Web Data and Systems Architecture

Strong programming skills in languages such as Javascript and/or Python

Knowledge of database technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in computer science, software engineering, or a related field

Experience working with software frameworks such as, Prismatic, Mulesoft, Workato

2+ years of experience with software integration, especially with HubSpot

HubSpot certifications preferred but not required

Proven success in a fast-paced environment (no, really speed is key!)

Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

Strong communication, collaboration and documentation skills

Proficient in explaining complex, technical concepts in plain language

What You’ll Do

Update and maintain integrations based on our customer’s needs

Review existing integrations to identify opportunities and diagnose flaws

Identify and implement integration solutions that help our customers achieve their goals

Document how each integration works

    Additional Details

    This job is fully remote

    We are unable to sponsor new work visas at this time

    Benefits package includes fully paid medical coverage for all employees, paid time off and paid holidays

    A Day In the Life

    Our day starts with a conversation and a laugh logging into our morning standup where we plan the day and brainstorm with our teammates. Then it’s heads down time building and documenting integrations, making updates to existing integrations and working with our Client Service Manager to answer customer questions. Every now and again, you’ll hop onto client meetings to discuss the integration with their technical resources. In the afternoon, we’ll meet as a team again to sync up on the day accomplishments and surface any questions we have.

    First 90 days

    Learning our integration software, processes and tools (50%)

    Documenting Existing Integrations (25%)

    Researching and resolving customer issues and requests (25%)

    After First 90 days

    Researching and resolving customer issues and requests (70%)

    Creating and maintaining integration documentation (15%)

    Continuing education (15%)

    Why This Role Will Be Successful

    You can hit the ground running because we understand remote work and more importantly, remote culture.

    We provide you the tools and support to get up to speed fast.

    We have a culture of excellent performance.

    We have established systems and processes that support your work.

    You will be surrounded by world class integration engineers.

    We can scale because we have productized a traditional IT service into a popular managed service.

    The team is cohesive and fun. We like and support each other.

    Our Hiring process

    Finding a new job is not fun and it can be confusing (and slow) for most of us.  We want you to know our exact process, to be as transparent as possible as we both get to know (and hopefully like) each other.


    Applicant review

    Welcome to the hiring process!  You’ve formally applied and someone will review your application and get back to you, regardless of the outcome.


    Initial Screen

    You’ll connect with someone on a video chat, so we can get a better idea of your background and you can learn more about the role.  We answer your questions and learn about you.


    Group Interview

    Meet a few IQ team members in this next step.  You’ll be assigned a small task (never more than 30 minutes) and you show off some of your skills in a group setting.


    Final Interview

    We get into the weeds and you leave with a full picture of what it’s like to work at Integrate IQ. We sometimes even invite customers or partners to participate.


    Offer Letter

    Our favorite part of the process where we make things official and welcome you to the team. You will understand all our perks, benefits, and general life at Integrate IQ. Let’s go!

    Perks & Benefits

    We created Integrate IQ to be unique in many ways to our clients and our team members. Our structure not only creates success for our clients, but we think it makes joining our team a great move for your career and personal life.

    Hubspot systems integration

    Work where you want. We’ve been doing it for four years. It’s the best!

    HubSpot Data

    We all need time away and we require you use at least 50% of your allotment.

    Holiday pay - employee benefit
    Holiday Pay

    For important days of celebration or reflection (and the last week of the year), we don’t work.

    Stay Healthy - employee benefit
    Stay Healthy

    Great Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan for you and your family.

    Time for you - employee benefit
    Time for you

    “Use What You Need” time away from work policy.

    Great Tools

    The best software tools to make you productive and happy.

    Other Leave

    Paid time off for bereavement and jury leave.

    Welcome kit - employee benefit
    Amazing Team

    The team is our secret sauce. You will be surrounded by smart, interesting, driven, kind and caring people.

    What Our Team Members Say

    Family Matters

    “I work hard, but I’m not working crazy hours. I see my family and my friends.”

    Make The Call

    “Our team decides on many key decisions on how to approach our projects.”

    Not Just Work

    “The vibe with our group is more like family. We laugh a lot and still get things done.”

    Remote + Fun

    “We actually enjoy each other, even though it’s remote.”

    Work Over Meetings

     “I’m not buried in meetings. I get to do real work.”


    “We are trusted to make decisions and solve problems.”

    Our Values

    A key part of finding a candidate that fits our team is how they align with our values.  These five values are not just platitudes or posters (virtually) hanging on a wall.  Instead, this list explains how we behave, what we promise to those we serve and to each other.

    Earn Trust

    We work hard so others never think twice of sharing access to their data AND strategies.

    Manners Matter - Core Value
    Manners Matter

    We believe being grateful and graceful must be expressed to others.

    Outpace- Core Value

    We execute faster than anyone. You will not believe it when you see it.

    Laughter Core Value

    We may be technically focused, but humor and sometimes silliness is present in all our interactions.

    Overdeliver - Core Value

    We are wired to find a way to say yes in an industry where customers are told no or charged constant fees.



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