2017 Strategies from digital marketing experts; Infographics for inbound marketing; Storytelling ideas for marketers

digital marketing experts

This week’s roundup includes strategies to try in 2017 from digital marketing experts, digital marketing attribution, marketing no-nos, and more.

Strategies You Need To Try in 2017, According to 13 Digital Marketing Experts


We are nearly halfway through January, so 2017 is well underway. How are your New Year’s resolutions working out so far? Already long forgotten? Lofty goals can be this way in business as well. Part of the problem there is the wide range and high amount of advice and strategies you can receive when it comes to digital marketing. Some advice may be great, but it may not be a fit for your business. How do you determine that and take the good strategies and actually put them into action?

“It’s easy to walk away from a marketing article with the intention of implementing X tactic. But without taking a step back and seeing how it fits into your overall strategy, you’re about as likely to actually do the work as I am to actually do my workout.”

This article shares tactics of 13 experts on how to take a step back from your current strategy (and all of the advice out there) and reevaluate how you are approaching your marketing to best move forward. [Read more here.]




Your Basic Guide for Attribution in Digital Marketing in 2017


You have probably been told a time or two that tracking data is crucial to success in your business. The data available can reveal so much about what your customers want, how they perceive your business and how they interact with you. The trouble is nailing down what data to track and how to track it, particularly when it comes to attribution for a new lead or new customer. If you want to know what really works for bringing in a new customer or making a sale, what data is best to track?

“For an e-commerce business to acquire business it is essential to identify even the minutest of touch points and accordingly optimize their services.”

This article outlines multiple ways to better “understand the customer journey” and how to credit attribution on arriving to your product/business for purchase and how to determine what attribution model is the best fit for you. [Read more here.]




5 Pieces of Marketing Advice You Need to Stop Following


It’s not hard to find marketing blogs and tips on the internet these days, but you definitely do not want to take all the advice you read. This article includes advice to avoid when it comes to email marketing, social networking, SEO and more. [Read more here.]



Infographics as an Inbound Marketing and Sales Tool


Data is powerful. That is no secret in the business world. But giving someone a lot of data all at once can also be overwhelming. So much so that it can be easy to shoot yourself in the foot by trying to share too much data–in the wrong format. It should not surprise you to learn most people are visual learners and today’s society prefer visuals–particularly online where grabbing and holding attention is next to impossible. This translates to the need for data in a visual format; and so we have the infographic.

Done right, an infographic takes powerful data that is already appealing to your target customer, but makes the visual of it also attractive and hard to overlook. It also takes a lot of data and makes it easily consumed in a short period. [Read details here.]




Storytelling: 7 Ideas About What to Tell Your Audience

The Social Ms

A big part of digital marketing is simply storytelling–something we all do every day, whether we realize it or not. We share experiences and feelings with others everyday and this is what many company blogs and email marketers do in written form. You may be intimidated by the idea of writing (many people are), but the great part about blogs and good email marketing, is they carry voice–your voice. Your style of writing is what will give your storytelling authenticity and better connect with your audience.

“The truth is, most of the expert bloggers and marketers, have started out from a similar starting point. They did not have a long career of being a proficient writer before they started with blogging and they were no more expert in their field than most other humans are in their own business area.”

See this article for help inspiring some great story ideas to get started. [See ideas here.]




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