Life at Integrate IQ

We aren’t hiring rock stars, ninjas or other ridiculous titles. Instead, we hire natural self-starters who help people solve problems, want to do work that makes an impact and is appreciated.  If that sounds too “pie-in-the-sky”, read the exact quotes of how it shows up in our work lives.

What Our Team Members Say

Family Matters

“I work hard, but I’m not working crazy hours. I see my family and my friends.”

Make The Call

“Our team decides on many key decisions on how to approach our projects.”

Not Just Work

“The vibe with our group is more like family. We laugh a lot and still get things done.”

Remote + Fun

“We actually enjoy each other, even though it’s remote.”

Work Over Meetings

 “I’m not buried in meetings. I get to do real work.”


“We are trusted to make decisions and solve problems.”

Perks & Benefits

We created Integrate IQ to be unique in many ways to our clients and our team members. Our structure not only creates success for our clients, but we think it makes joining our team a great move for your career and personal life.

Stay Healthy - employee benefit

Fill out survey to inventory your systems and how your software
currently does and doesn’t work together.

HubSpot Data

Map out your tools and critical fields you collect at each customer journey step.

Holiday pay - employee benefit

Review initial findings of opportunities for your data to flow smoothly in between systems.

Stay Healthy - employee benefit

We present you with your custom blueprint!  You get your ideal data flow, sync options, tool consolidation and add-on recommendations.

Time for you - employee benefit
Time for you

“Use What You Need” time away from work policy.

Great Tools

The best software tools to make you productive and happy.

Other Leave

Paid time off for bereavement and jury leave.

Welcome kit - employee benefit
Welcome Kit

We won’t spoil the surprise, but you will LOVE your blue box.

Open positions

We are actively trying to fill the open positions below. Click on each role to learn more specifics, including a day-to-day summary pre and post-ramp period.  If you are interested in working with us and don’t see a position that fits you, start a live chat conversation with us on this page or shoot us an email.

Client Services Manager - HubSpot

Do you live and breathe keeping customers happy?  This position has direct responsibility for managing client implementation, raising issues as required for resolution or escalation, enhance documentation, provide support, and own the overall process.

Growth Marketing Specialist

Are you versatile in both executing marketing campaigns with different tools and focused on growing revenue?  Tired of using the old marketing channels to hit your metrics?  This role is being added to expand and execute our aggressive marketing strategies.

Executive Assistant

Are you more organized than anyone you know?  Experienced managing an executive’s calendar and communication?  If you are able to be both assertive and servant-hearted, your ideas and solutions will contribute to our company’s bottom line.

Account Executive - Channel Sales - HIRED!

You have learned how to succeed in outbound sales and want to exapnd into channel sales while still selling full cycle to close.  You aren’t afraid to manage a pipeline and still sell (and co-sell) with your partners. You get the training to run our successful playbook.


Account Executive - Direct Rep - HIRED!

Great salespeople don’t mind a challenge, but they also must be rewarded. If you know how to hunt, demo and take a prospect all the way to close, we want to meet you.


Head of Service Delivery - HIRED!

Building processes to no longer juggle but streamline client projects gets you excited?  Do you look to always improve outcomes by documenting steps and listening to feedback?


Our Hiring process

Finding a new job is not fun and it can be confusing (and slow) for most of us.  We want you to know our exact process, to be as transparent as possible as we both get to know (and hopefully like) each other.


Applicant review

Welcome to the hiring process!  You’ve formally applied and someone will review your application and get back to you, regardless of the outcome.


Initial Screen

You’ll connect with someone on a video chat, so we can get a better idea of your background and you can learn more about the role.  We answer your questions and learn about you.


Group Interview

Meet a few IQ team members in this next step.  You’ll be assigned a small task (never more than 30 minutes) and you show off some of your skills in a group setting.


Final Interview

We get into the weeds and you leave with a full picture of what it’s like to work at Integrate IQ. We sometimes even invite customers or partners to participate.


Offer Letter

Our favorite part of the process where we make things official and welcome you to the team. You will understand all our perks, benefits, and general life at Integrate IQ. Let’s go!

Our Company History

We hope it’s easy to understand from our web site what we do and who we serve.  We also believe knowing where we came from and the milestones we’ve reached along the way helps add context to why we’re hiring for new roles.  Scroll to the right to learn more about key inflection points in our company.

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Our Values

A key part of finding a candidate that fits our team is how they align with our values.  These five values are not just platitudes or posters (virtually) hanging on a wall.  Instead, this list explains how we behave, what we promise to those we serve and to each other.

Earn Trust

We work hard so others never think twice of sharing access to their data AND strategies.

Manners Matter - Core Value
Manners Matter

We believe being grateful and graceful must be expressed to others.

Outpace- Core Value

We execute faster than anyone. You will not believe it when you see it.

Laughter Core Value

We may be technically focused, but humor and sometimes silliness is present in all our interactions.

Overdeliver - Core Value

We are wired to find a way to say yes in an industry where customers are told no or charged constant fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read this far down the page, we want to shift to what our customers (and maybe you would) ask us when we first meet.  These common questions will give you a sense of our value proposition and approach to which segments of the market we serve.

How Long Does it Take?

We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. The Integrate IQ on-boarding process is extremely structured. From the beginning, we tell you what we need from you and what to expect from us, complete with deadlines for every phase of the project. Typically the process takes 2-3 weeks in total to complete.

What if My Software Isn’t Listed?

We’re not scared. As long as your software has an open API, we can connect it to HubSpot. Some of favorite projects have involved esoteric, niche softwares. Whether your software is in the cloud or the closet, odds are we’ll be able to connect it.

Can’t Zapier Do This?

Make no mistake: we LOVE Zapier and use it frequently. If Zapier has an integration that solves your problems, we strongly recommend you use it! If your integration needs to go deeper than what Zapier can provide, that’s where we come in.

How Much Does it Cost?

Every integration project comes with a one-time setup fee and a 12-month maintenance agreement.

Monthly pricing is based on number of contacts. After the initial 12-month term, clients are moved to a month-to-month agreement.

I’ve Been Told This Isn’t Possible. Is it?

99% of the time, the answer is yes, it’s possible. We encourage you to challenge us on this. If you’ve been told it can’t be done, we’re the ones to call to get a no-nonsense final answer.

I’m Not in the US – Can You Still Help?

Of course! Our integration process can work anywhere. We have expert engineers fluent in both English and Spanish, and can work with you regardless of your location.

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