Introducing Exciting Changes at Integrate IQ: Acquisition by AgencyOne Group, Inc.

We are thrilled to announce that Integrate IQ, a leading expert in integrating third party systems with HubSpot, has been acquired by AgencyOne Group, Inc., a leader in data management systems. This strategic acquisition allows Integrate IQ to expand its customer base, empowering more sales and marketing teams to access crucial data within their preferred system – HubSpot.

Since its inception in 2015, Integrate IQ has been a driving force within the HubSpot ecosystem, renowned for its ability to connect third-party systems like Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics with HubSpot. Our clients benefit from our cutting-edge integration, application development, and professional services. As part of the AgencyOne Group family, we will continue to deliver innovative and efficiency-enhancing HubSpot applications, such as Message IQ, which enables customers to send text messages directly from within HubSpot.

“The acquisition of Integrate IQ underscores our confidence in the talented Integrate IQ team, HubSpot as a critical partner and platform, and the value we can bring to this growing market,” said Tim Ritchie, CEO of AgencyOne Group, Inc.

Todd Earwood, Founder of Integrate IQ, shared his excitement about the acquisition: “I am very proud of the record growth Integrate IQ has had in recent years. With a buyer like AgencyOne Group that has proven it can scale technology companies, I knew it would be in great hands.” He also expressed gratitude for the new ownership’s enthusiasm for the Integrate IQ team and customers. Todd will now focus on his next venture, Earwood Collective, a personal holding company for several entities, including The Royal Room in Louisville, KY.

As a leader in the HubSpot ecosystem, Integrate IQ syncs more than five million fields into and out of HubSpot daily. Our expertise in connecting HubSpot with third-party systems and developing efficiency-enhancing applications has established us as a key player in the marketing technology industry. We remain committed to helping our clients optimize their marketing efforts and achieve outstanding results.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to this exciting new chapter in the Integrate IQ story!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AgencyOne Group a roll-up of marketing agencies?

Absolutely not. Marketing agencies are key partners for Integrate IQ and we will continue to do everything we can to make you and your clients successful.

Will the priorities for Integrate IQ change?

No. Integrate IQ is a strong business with the potential to expand to help more sales and marketing teams operate in and leverage the power of HubSpot. Our first priority is to make existing consulting, integration, and application customers ridiculously happy. Beyond that, we will accelerate growth of our standard integration practice and release several applications through the HubSpot marketplace. As part of those releases, application customers will get a new home, Smart Ramp, which will be the convenient center of their engagement with our applications. Finally, we plan to expand our solution set slightly to offer related HubSpot services our customers have been requesting.

What is Tim’s background?

Tim lives in the Puget Sound region and has been leading commercial teams for young technology companies since mainframes were a thing. He is a proud Hubspot fanboy and has migrated six companies from Salesforce to Hubspot and onboarded others to HubSpot as their first CRM. Tim strongly believes the key to success is to be in service to clients and partners – Integrate IQ will be successful by ensuring those in our ecosystem are wildly successful.

What is Todd going to do?

Todd is a passionate entrepreneur that thrives in the bringing of new entities to life. Having gotten Integrate IQ to a thriving business, he is ready to fulfill his vision for a number of other enterprises, which he will launch, fund and operate through The Earwood Collective. His next venture is The Royal Room, an event center in Louisville, KY.

Will the team change?

Absolutely not. Integrate IQ has put together an unmatched team of integration and HubSpot specialists. The team is committed to stay and Tim is committed to keep and support them. However, you will be seeing new faces over the coming months as we grow.

How will this impact my open requests or questions?

This will in no way impact work we are currently doing for you. We want to provide you with seamless continuity of service to support you in your success. If you have any questions about open items on your account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brett.

How does this impact my continuity plan?

Nothing changes relative to your continuity plan. Your continuity plan will be honored for the length of your contract as it was before. As always, please reach out to us with your questions and requests.

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