Best big brand content from February; Live streaming on a budget; Creating attractive blog posts

big brand content

This week’s roundup includes the best big brand content from February, live streaming on a budget, designing marketing campaigns, and more.

The Best Content Marketing of February: 7 Brands That Mean Business

The Content Strategist wedding-registryThe internet can lead you down a lot of rabbit holes (and we are all guilty of getting sucked into them on a daily basis), but as a content marketer, taking time to search and see how other brands are creating and using content can be of great benefit in motivating your own creation process.

“Once they see how the brands they know invest in content, then the ideas they bring to the table suddenly aren’t so daunting. All brand publishers have to start somewhere; the trick is to commit and start executing. Because as February’s best content marketing shows, good ideas and a little budget can go a long way.”

Sometimes coming up with a concept is the easy part and execution is the trouble. Perhaps some of last month’s creations will motivate you and your team to dive in. [Read more here.]


How To Start Live Streaming On A Shoestring Budget

Marketing Insider Group

How to Start Live Streaming on a Shoestring Budget Marketing Insider Group 2017-03-08 21-35-31So you are starting to get the point: video matters. But now video goes beyond setting up and shooting a perfectly planned production with a prepared script. Suddenly live streaming has come into play. Initially, this may seem intimidating and a whole new thing to learn and perfect. However, it may lower the bar in a good way, making it easier for anyone to get into the video marketing game.

“Traditionally, technological and skill requirements created a high barrier to entry for live video content. That drove up costs and turned many organizations off the medium. But now nearly any individual or business can start streaming even on a tight budget. In fact, it may even be wiser to get your toes wet and experiment with live content before committing a huge budget toward it.” [

Learn more about getting started with live streaming, no matter your budget or situation. Read more here.]


How to Design Marketing Campaigns: The Importance of Market Segmentation

Medium 1-RiCE6G5M8WrMXqDgkk8n6wA marketing campaign strategy should always be fluid. One can never be written in stone as to never be adapted, altered and changed or it will inevitably fail. With the way technology advances, we are in a constant state of change. In order to have an effective campaign, it must be monitored and cleaned up fairly regularly.

“While there are tons of resources written on marketing and marketing campaigns, many/most are not comprehensive and others are missing essential strategic steps in the process. And more importantly — there are still plenty of poorly designed marketing campaigns.”

This article gives great reason to review your automated campaigns and add some fresh ideas or tactics. (Or if you are just getting started on marketing campaigns, this will be an excellent guide.) [Read more here.]


Beauty Matters: 3 Tips to Create Attractive Blog Posts

Content Marketing Institute Formilla-600x450Moment of truth: Have you ever come across a blog post that sounded like it could be really interesting, but when the page loaded, you saw nothing but words or a terrible layout. Was it was so visually unappealing that you ended up not even reading the article? Do you ever wonder if some of the dullest looking posts may actually contain some truly quality information? On the flip side, have you ever spent time reading an article that looked great, but the content itself was actually low-level and poorly put together?

“Your posts’ text needs to engage your readers to keep them coming back, but first your posts need to be visually appealing to attract those readers.”

If you are going to take the time to construct quality content, make sure it gets read and appreciated. Give it the right look. [Read more here.]


How to Use Live Video to Build Your Brand

Business 2 Community

Curious about why and how live video can actually help your brand? It’s not just a trending thing. This is actually beneficial to your brand and you should be grateful for it. Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri talks about it in this video.

“Live video is a great to maintain a two-way conversation with your audience — something you simply can’t do when you’re reading a script — and major social networks are taking note. Snapchat is now a multi-billion-dollar company with live news feeds, Twitter has invested heavily in Periscope, and Facebook is pushing its own live feeds. So, get on board now and learn how to use this tool in 2017, because it’s going to be bigger than ever.”



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