You’re only as good as your list

Building your email marketing list

In order to grow your SaaS revenue, you need to find the best tools to help you scale your resources. While some options are freemium (or some actually are free), you should want to find the right tool that matches your team’s functional and budgetary needs.

In short… hardly anything amazing is free, except for the advice we’ve gathered here for you.

Choosing the right tools is hard. Sometimes you don’t realize a tool even exists to help you with a function, because you are too busy to pause and look for the help. Other times there are so many options it is overwhelming and impossible to determine the best tool to use.

Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to some of our favorite tools for SaaS growth and today, we start with tools  and apps for list building.

If you need to add more emails to your marketing efforts, there are now tools that can help you search, verify, and some even let you market from the same tool.

Do you use LinkedIn to find prospects? Of course, you do. Now you have an option to actually gather email addresses with They are arguably the easiest way to expand your list of targets.

  • LeadIQ is a service we internally use and it’s pretty awesome. Your SDR’s are already doing lots of LinkedIn searches to look up prospects. Stop wasting your time and use LeadIQ’s Chrome extension to easily grab each person’s email address. They also have great team plans to really boost your prospecting. (Disclaimer: Our CEO is an investor in the company).

Do you  have a specific list of email addresses you need? Have you ever had that one prospect where you can’t find their email address? You look all over the Internet but you just can’t find it. That’s where comes into the game.

  • begins looking for an email address as soon as you enter a person’s name. Even if they are only able to offer a company formula for the address, you get something you can work with.
    Competitors – &

Are you targeting a new prospect type or needing an overhaul to your CRM list? Two of our favorite tools are Prospect Cloud and DiscoverOrg. Both of these companies sell Data as a Service (DaaS) options. My favorite features include:

  • Prospect Cloud offers online retargeting ads in addition to the traditional list augmentation. This is a power combination for the individuals you add to your CRM.
  • DiscoverOrg gives you an organizational chart view of a company which is a huge asset for navigating around decision makers and gatekeepers.

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