Content distribution strategies; Marketing automation explained; Decreasing churn with referral partnering

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This week’s roundup includes 12 content distribution strategies, creating shareable video content, understanding marketing automation, and more.

Why Content Distribution Is Mandatory – And 12 Strategies That Work

The Social Ms

blog-thesocialms-com-content-distribution-750x346Content marketing is becoming a necessity for online marketing–and it is honestly one of the cheapest and most effective types of marketing for your business. But creating it is only half the battle. Distribution is the real key and the blessing and curse of distribution is the number of channels available for it.

“Far too many people or businesses that engage in content marketing focus on one channel alone – most of the time that seems to be SEO. But no ONE distribution channel can be the SOLE answer to your distribution strategy. Most channels influence each other. If you manage to succeed in several distribution channels, the results in each one of the channels will be better than with only one channel.”

This article explains the goals of content distribution and the advantages of using multiple channels. It also highlights 12 winning strategies and tools. [Read more here.]


How to Create Super Shareable Video Content

Content Marketing Institute

contentmarketinginstitute-com-shareable-video-content-390x215More and more data indicates that videos are the best way to grab attention on the web and to see your content go viral. Creating video content can seem kind of intimidating if you have never taken it on, but with today’s resources, anyone can do it (and everyone does), so it’s time you get started.

“Videos are more likely to be viewed than other content (in fact, Sizmek research (formerly MediaMind) found people were 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than a regular banner ad and that can lead to a huge growth in followers and revenue.”

This article by Neil Patel is a great guide for planning, creating, and promoting your video to set it up for all it needs to potentially go viral. [Read more here.]


Marketing Automation Explained with Automation Cycles


keptify-com-goal-of-businessWhether you are a B2B or B2C company, marketing automation is something your business can benefit from. If you have never explored or considered it, now is the time and this article is a great intro overview on what it is, how it works and why it works.

“Marketing automation is a technology that allows companies to gather and automate marketing goals. It is widely used to automate repetitive tasks such as emails social medias and other website actions. Automation technology enables companies to focus, automate and measure marketing tasks, so they can help to increase operational efficiency and ROI faster.” [Read more here.]


10 Ways to Kiss Boring Goodbye in 2017

Convince & Convert

convinceandconvert-com-10-ways-to-kiss-boring-goodbye-in-2017With the internet full of endless content, you would think more marketers would work at being original and standing out–there is obviously a lot of competition. Instead, it seems marketers see a million ways to produce and post content so instead of focusing on creating great content, it’s just a lot of boring same-old-same-old.

“Boring happens because we don’t take on the burden of slashing content, doing less, finding the best way to present great information, and experimenting with new ideas. We fall back on old ways that don’t tax our creativity and habits because we don’t want to work too hard or risk too much. We don’t want to fail.”

Make 2017 the year for stellar content that gets talked about, shared, and brings your company results. Cut out the boring. [Read more here.]


How A Referral Partner Program Decreases SaaS Churn


business2community-com-87932-jpg-900x315Churn is perhaps the number one problem every SaaS businesses focuses on solving. If a business can reduce or remove churn, success is in the bag. As this article points out, one of the key steps in solving churn is attracting and signing up the best fits for your product to begin with. Perhaps, finding those suitable fits can be done through referral partners.

“One of the most effective ways to reduce churn is to attract the right customers. Partners have the ear of potential customers and a deep understanding of the buyers’ need for your solution. Bringing this type of context to the deal improves the quality of the connection between your customer and your product. By increasing partner referrals, SaaS companies reduce the need to take on customers who aren’t a great fit for their product, decreasing the risk of customer churn.” [Read more here.]


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