Content marketing beyond blog posts, Pricing hacks, and Replatforming

This week’s roundup includes the importance of content marketing, other forms of content marketing beyond blog posts, pricing hacks, and replatforming.

Beyond Blog Posts: SaaS Content Marketing as a Potent Growth Engine


Have you ever asked the question, “What’s the best way to market a startup?” Marketing lead of Snipcart, Francois Lanthier Nadeau, says the answer is content marketing and his article breaks down the why. The confusion that lies in content marketing is the common assumption it simply means blog posts.

“I’m here to demystify this narrow-sightedness that is wrongfully pinned on content. I want to show how a wholly integrated content marketing strategy can benefit every single aspect of a SaaS business.”

His extensive and thorough article dives into the strategy behind SaaS content marketing, how it helps your business grow, and why SEO is a key part of content marketing. [Read more here.]




19 content marketing ideas that aren’t blog posts

Voice of the North

The Wishpond article spotlighted this week may explore how content marketing is crucial to your SaaS business and that it branches far beyond simply writing blog posts, but what can you do besides a blog? You may be surprised at the number of ideas and options for content marketing, but to put it simply:

“Content is holistic; it’s anything we can read, watch, see, or hear.”

From organizing conferences and holding speaking engagements, to podcasts, webinars and writing your own book, the options can make choosing just one hard. The good news is, you can’t do too much content marketing.  [Read more here.]




11 SaaS Pricing Hacks backed by Psychology

Choosing your pricing can be a bit of a guessing game at first, but even once you have the dollars downs–you have run the numbers and done the math to know what you need to price your products–some minor tweaks to your pricing options can go a long way. This article gives a quick but great spotlight on 11 hacks on not just your pricing options but even their display. It also explains the psychological reasoning behind why the hack works. From the numbers you choose and how many pricing levels available, to how you layout the options and the checkout process, these details may make a major difference for your sales.  [Read more here.]




I’m Nervous About Replatforming: Isn’t the Workload Overwhelming?


Finding problems with and complaining about a current tool or platform your business uses is easy; actually doing something about the problem and switching platforms is a whole different story. Making the move takes a lot of time and planning and the last thing anyone wants is to lose data in the process. This article walks through the important steps to be made if you choose to replatform and even outlines “pre-platforming” questions that are essential to consider. It can be a lot of work, but sometimes it also results in a lot of saving. [Read more here.]




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