Content marketing turned customer marketing; Embracing personalization; Video marketing superpower

customer marketing

This week’s roundup includes how to turn content marketing into customer marketing, benefitting from the use of personalization, offering free tools and more.

4 Examples of Turning Content Marketing into Customer Marketing

Business 2 Community

business2community-com-screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-2-47-32-pm-pngTake a moment to consider the content marketing pieces you have put together so far this year. Think about the content marketing plan you’ve laid out for 2017. Did you do it with prospective customers in mind? A way to interest leads? That is all well and good, but what kind of content marketing have you geared toward your customer base so far?

“On average, it costs organizations between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. In addition, 20% of customers bring 80% of revenue.”

It’s time to start considering creating customer-centric content marketing in order to deepen your customer relations and hang on to those leads who have already converted into pay customers.  [Read more here.]


This Millennial Content Marketing Boss Has 5 Great Tips To Create Excellent Branded Content


forbes-com-148610999625835Twenty-six-year-old Yi Wen Chan has already accomplished big things in her career, including establishing the content marketing platform, Bolt, in Singapore. It has grown into a network of 1,000 content creators just since July 2015.

In this article she shares and explains these five tips for creating excellent branded content:

1.  Make a real difference.
2. Customize to specific accounts or individuals.
3. It takes a sector insider to create great content.
4. The local context matters.
5. Be creative in how you deliver your story.

Get the details on these five tips in the article. [Read more here.]



Why and How to Embrace Personalization

Phoenix Business Journal

bizjournals-com-personalization-750xx711-400-45-0One-size-fits-all does not cut it in the marketing world and especially not the content marketing world. No one wants to feel like or be treated as though they are just a mix in the masses. With the amount of content available, you can only stand out if you add a personal touch that speaks specifically to your target’s set of challenges and triumphs. If you want your marketing to make an impact, you have to get personal.

“When it comes to building customer relationships, few things are more crucial than the concept of personalization. Having a customer-centric, personalized strategy serves an important purpose in the B2B world, including lead generation, SEO, sales nurturing and most importantly, customer retention.

This article is backed by great statistics giving you plenty of reason to begin focusing on personalized marketing. [Read more here.]


Why Your SaaS Business Needs Free Tools

Product Habits

producthabits-com-image-8Sometimes a monetary ‘gamble’ pays out and sometimes it doesn’t. When it comes to offering free tools in order to capture more prospects for your business, you at least have statistics on your side saying that the gamble is worth it.

“Free tools work similarly [to using baseline products as a lead source]. Instead of making your baseline product free, you release a tool separate from your core product for lead generation. The tool helps you generate qualified leads at a much lower cost than paid acquisition or sales.”

This article will help you understand the value of using a free tool for a lead magnet, and how to go about determining what type of free tool will best bring you leads. [Read more here.]


How Video Is A Marketing Superpower For Your SaaS Company

Price Intelligently

priceintelligently-com-screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-5-18-32-pmYou are only going to keep seeing more and more good vibes surrounding video marketing, so you might as well keep from falling behind and embrace it.

“Video can give you the competitive advantage you need by connecting with, educating, and converting the largest possible customer base.”

One of the primary draws of video right now is that everyone isn’t doing it yet, even though it is proving to be one of the most effective types of content. By using video, you will likely be doing something your competition is not yet doing.

This article covers how video gives you the competitive advantage to connecting, educating and converting. [Read more here.]



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