Customer success emails; B2B content marketing case studies; Social media customer service stats

This week’s roundup includes examples of customer success emails in SaaS, common SaaS questions, case study examples for B2B content marketing, and stats on social media customer service. 

9 Powerful customer success emails your SaaS needs to be sending


Focusing time and effort into customer acquisition is important and makes a lot of sense; however, letting your focus stop with the acquisition is a a major error too many SaaS businesses are making. Using powerful and well-planned emails to gain new customers works, but businesses need to continue this strategy with their actual customers–specifically new customers–in order to guarantee those new customers engage in the product and quickly find its value.

“The sad truth is, most SaaS startups obsess over customer acquisition, but then cripple their growth by not sending the right retention emails, post-signup.”

This article gives nine customer success emails you can use in your SaaS business to boost retention and cut down on churn.[Read more here.]




What is the average number of sales reps in a SaaS company?


Do more sales reps mean more sales? How many more? Do you go big from the start? Sales are obviously key to the success of a SaaS business and as you grow, you need a sufficient sales team. This post is an answer to a Quora question and gives the breakdown formula for figuring out what your sales team needs to be. [Read more here.]



150+ of the best case study examples for B2B content marketing


Case studies can be one of, if not the most, convincing sales tools a company can put in front of prospects. Why, exactly?

“Case studies are more than a simple testimonial from a customer – they speak to specific needs and customer pain. They are designed to sway purchase decisions and literally make a case for why a buyer should choose a certain solution. Most importantly – they are a critical part of your sales collateral library.”

This post includes over 150 case studies broken into categories: marketing, advertising technology, sales, customer success, support technology, infrastructure, security, HR and more. [Read more here.]




7 Statistics about social media customer service all SaaS startups must know

It’s no longer in question: social media is a legitimate form of customer service and one that many customers prefer to phone or email support. The only thing in question is… how do you do it best? What do customers expect?

“‘The provision of customer service via social media channels has become nearly axiomatic, especially in B2C industries with high volumes of contact,” writes marketer Jay Baer of Convince and Convert. ‘It’s become one of the Big Three customer service channels, joining phone and email to form the triad of support modalities.'”

This article highlights seven statistics that demonstrate why your social channels should be integrated with your customer service team.[Read more here.]




The Smartest SaaS Questions on Quora


SaaS may be growing and gaining a lot of traction, but with that comes more and more questions from more places.

“The questions I selected are the ones I found the most interesting and that, in my opinion, are most relevant to our clients. Finally, in each case, we’ll talk about ways that market research can help answer these questions.”

These questions cover everything from what gets in the way of growth, targeting enterprise accounts, why customers don’t renew, the best distribution channels, and more. [Read more here.]




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