Digital marketing audit; Content promotion strategy; Strengthening product marketing

digital marketing audit

This week’s roundup includes a digital marketing audit, product marketing through content, jumpstarting sales through retargeting campaigns and visual content on Twitter, and more.

Pro Tips: How to Audit Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017


Like many other things worth auditing, there are plenty of good reasons to audit your digital marketing strategy and there is no better time than the start of a new year. Maybe your web traffic is down, your social following is decreasing or slowing, your budget changed or you just want to increase your email CTR. There are many reasons to perform an audit and this article is an excellent guide for auditing several areas of digital marketing: SEO, social media, content marketing, and paid advertising. [Begin to audit.]


The 4 Pillars of Our Content Promotion Strategy (And How To Implement It)

Snappa Blog

blog-snappa-io-content-promotion-strategies2-1Content may be king, but a quote from this article highlights the key behind successful content:

“Although the content itself is extremely important, it pales in comparison to the promotion of it.”

No matter how great your content is, if it is not promoted well, the results will be a flop. This article takes you through the 4 pillars of content promotion strategy at Snappa (email marketing, social sharing, community, and email outreach) and breaks down all of the specific tactics within each one. [Read more here.]


How 4 Top SaaS Companies Use Content to Strengthen Their Product Marketing


chargebee-com-intercom-home-pageContent production is becoming more and more of a necessity in any business’s marketing, particularly SaaS businesses. Companies are also focusing on product marketing. This article spotlights four SaaS companies and how they are using content to strengthen their product marketing: Drift, Intercom, Process Street, and SumoMe. Learn the approach and tactics of each of these successful companies on the following areas of content: tone of copy, sales strategy, lead education, and customer education. [Read details here.]


21 Of The Most Powerful Ways To Use Visual Content On Twitter

Post Planner

postplanner-com-21-of-the-most-20content-on-twitter140 characters or less. That is what most people will first tell you about Twitter. It’s all about sharing an idea, fact or thought in 140 characters. What is not always highlighted is the fact Twitter allows for visual content, and don’t they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Plus, humans process visual content 60,000x faster than text.  And it is no secret that people more readily absorb visual content on the web, so how do you best add visual content to Twitter to capture your target audience’s attention and get your 140-character message noticed? This article shares 21 tips for easily creating effective images for Twitter.   [Read more here.]


Jumpstart Q1 Sales with these 5 Onsite Retargeting Campaigns

The Social Ms

om_retargeting_banner_4-1Although this article particularly speaks to ecommerce companies and using retargeting for their benefit, retargeting campaigns can bring increased sales and leads for many types of businesses. By taking advantage of retargeting, you have the opportunity to increase conversion rates, build your email list, reduce “cart abandonment” and increase “cart” value. The article also goes on to share ideas for several Q1 campaigns to use yourself that focus on post-holiday sales, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.  [Read more here.]



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