Effective ways to nurture leads, Apple’s lessons on customer onboarding, & Marketing trumps sales

This week’s roundup includes effective ways to nurture leads, learning from Apple’s stores about customer onboarding, content marketing tools, SaaS terminology and how marketing trumps sales.

4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Nurture Leads for Your SaaS Business


Companies are finding more and more ways to capture leads. Prospects create accounts on their website, join their social media followings, join mailing lists… Capturing leads is not a problem for SaaS companies. The obstacle is making progress with said leads so that you move them through your sales funnel and they become paying customers. This task is accomplished by effective lead nurturing.

“By implementing effective lead nurture strategies, the likelihood of improving conversion rates and return on investment will skyrocket. The solution is simple: Provide leads with the information they need and allow for trust to build gradually.”

This article dives into four effective ways to nurture leads for your SaaS business by setting prospects’ expectations, scoring your leads, setting up effective triggers based on behaviors, and sending targeted messages. [Read more here.]




What Apple Stores Teach SaaS Products About User Onboarding


For quite some time now Apple has been not just a trend setting company, but they also set the bar for tech companies and their methods, processes, and customer expectations. However, for SaaS companies, Apple is not where advice or the example tends to sit. In the case of user onboarding, taking some notes from this brick and mortar on how to engage new visitors might be worth it.

This article shows how you can take some of Apple’s methods for in-person customer treatment and use them in your SaaS company including: doing more than greeting the customer at the door, modeling the product in full swing, and making your help center a destination.  [Read more here.]




21 Content Marketing Tools for Smart SaaS Marketers

SaaS Genius

Content marketing is high on the rise for B2B and SaaS companies. It is up over 70% from last year. What does that mean? That means the market is fully saturated with available content for prospects and leads, so how do you effectively distribute your content and get it in front of the right eyes while also keeping it fresh and relevant? We know. It’s a lot to manage.

“The role of Content Marketing in any online Marketing campaign is indisputable, and  the importance of publishing top quality content on your blog is constantly on the rise. Social media content, blogging and publication of articles on your website remain the top three elements of a smart and efficient B2B Content Marketing tactic ”

This article share great tools to make a SaaS marketers job easier and more effective. [Read more here.]




The ABCs of SaaS Math

Voice of the North

SaaS = Software as a Service. Obviously, you know that one, but it’s just the beginning. There is a TON of lingo in the SaaS world, so if you are new or semi-new to it, a go-to resource guide for the terminology can come in extra handy. Check this one out. [Read more here.]




How We Built a Million Dollar Business Without Selling


It’s OK if you want to say it: Sales sucks. At least for a lot of people who don’t have that natural sales suave. The good news for those who are sick of trying to do traditional sales is that is not the only way to do business successfully, and in some cases it’s not the most sustainable. This article, by Hubstaff’s co-founder Dave Nevogt, discusses how he has learned that sales is not the most profitable, sustainable or scalable option for long-term growth.

“My shift from building my first company using outbound sales to growing Hubstaff using inbound marketing didn’t just happen overnight, though. When we launched, in fact, we tried the traditional sales thing.”

[Read more here.]





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