Explaining HubSpot’s new seat-based pricing

HubSpot rolled out a new seat-based pricing model across all paid subscription tiers (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise) starting March 5th, 2024 (March 6th, 2024, in Asia Pacific). A free tier with limited capability still exists. This is a big change with positives and negatives for new customers. Existing customers will be grandfathered into the legacy pricing for the time being. The intent is to align more closely with common SaaS licensing models and to simplify the process of acquiring HubSpot licenses and their powerful features, including access to its innovative AI functionalities.

What’s new?

The key difference with the new model is that it is seat-based. Meaning customers are charged per user who has edit access to the platform. This aims to simplify pricing and makes it easier, and in some cases less expensive, to access advanced features.

Core and View-Only Seats

Free Tier

  • Includes up to five users
  • Access limited CRM functionality
  • Great to test the platform

Core Seats

  • New seat type
  • Grant edit access to purchased Hubs
  • Access to marketing automation functions and basic sales and service functions
  • Include access to HubSpot’s AI features and Smart CRM

View-Only Seats

  • Free and unlimited users
  • Provide visibility to those who don’t require editing access
  • Use cases include executives that want to consume, not change, reports

Sales and Services Licenses 

  • Minimum licenses are reduced: Previously, Sales and Service Hubs had minimum seat requirements. Now, you can purchase a single seat, offering more flexibility for smaller teams
  • Seat cost may increase: While the new model offers flexibility, it’s important to note that the overall cost might be higher based on the number of required users
  • No change in capability: The core functionalities and access to AI features like Smart CRM remain consistent across the tiers

    Ready to learn more?

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