Fake news in content marketing; 10-second video marketing; Chatbots

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This week’s roundup includes how “fake news” takes place in content marketing, dipping into extra-short video marketing, content upgrade ideas, the use of chatbot marketing, and more.

Content Marketing In The Era Of “Fake News”

Business 2 Community

business2community.com fire.jpgThe term “fake news” is the new attention grabbing term of the internet. While the phrase may be trending right now, the concept is nothing new and it is not limited to mainstream media type stories. The internet is full of fake news and content marketing is no exception. Fake news, in fact, is not always straight lies, but many times it is telling a story in such a way that you are setting yourself up for desired results or opinions.

“And that’s a problem. Whether it’s stretching the truth to make the facts fit the argument you’re trying to support, ignoring contradictory facts, or employing logical fallacies, these things undermine your credibility more than you realize. While people who already passionately support you will be nodding their heads in agreement, the people you’re trying to convince will be thinking, ‘Now, wait a minute…'”

This article hits on some of the major ways content marketing can dip into being classified as “fake news”. Take a read and be sure you are not putting your credibility on the line. [Read more here.]


10 seconds or less: A primer on extra-short video marketing

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

You have probably heard that you have a limited time–as in seconds–to capture someone’s attention on your website or landing page, right? Well, guess what? Same goes for capturing someone’s attention in a video now.

“As consumer attention spans shrink — some research suggests they last eight seconds on average, shorter than that of a goldfish — marketers must figure out ways not only to attract eyeballs in a short period of time but also create a lasting impression thereafter.”

This article shares three tips on taking the “10 seconds or less” video format. [Read more here.]


7 Content marketing tips to increase conversion rate


brainsins.com red-bullConversion is really the end goal of all content marketing. Sure, you want to educate your prospects, you want to weed out the duds, you want to get to know your prospects needs and pain points, but in the end, you want to convert them from leads to customers.

This article explains and gives examples of seven ways to increase your conversion rates after you get someone as far as the “click” onto your site or landing page. [Read more here.]


19 Quick and Easy Lead Magnets That Attract B2B Buyers

Business 2 Community

business2community.com Marketing-Trends-5.png-900x516Growing your email list is an ongoing goal nearly every marketer knows is of value. An easy way to do this is to go beyond having a subscribe link on your blog. Instead add content upgrades that require an email address.

“Content upgrades are resources that readers opt in for after they read your blog posts. The resources aren’t general, such as the white paper that you’re promoting across your website. Instead, content upgrades relate directly to your blog post’s topic.”

Another great aspect of a content upgrade is that it does not need to be as lengthy or in depth as a white paper or eBook. Check this list of ideas here.


Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing

Matthew Barby

matthewbarby.com Chatbot-Search-Demand-in-GoogleWhile the previous article did highlight the need to build an email list, there is the flip side to this that says email marketing is facing its own set of challenges.

“The ability to market products directly through a channel that scales up to an incredibly high ceiling is very attractive. The only problem is that it’s costing more and more money to acquire email addresses from potential customers, and the engagement from email is getting worse and worse.”

Email may not be going away any time soon (or ever), but that does not meant here isn’t room for a new marketing hero to surface. The author suggests a “chatbot” is the new thing worth adopting now and not waiting for it to be a staple. (Chatbots are extremely intelligent chat support feature run by a set of rules so your responses are, basically, coming from a robot, not a human. Siri, on the iPhone, is a chatbot)  Read more here to decide if your ready to bring a chatbot to your business.


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