How to simplify your content execution


Step-by-step instructions for creating a “Top 5” lead magnet

content executionMost companies believe content can help their company grow. I credit Hubspot for beating it into our heads that “inbound is better than outbound” (not always true) and how well it can educate your prospects (almost always true). Similarly, I credit Constant Contact for teaching the world a consistent email newsletter helps you stay top-of-mind.

The downfall in both is the execution. People simply do not stay the course to see the benefit, or they’re too inconsistent in how they publish good content, which also has poor outcomes.

Rather than fight against that current, let me offer you a way to simplify your content execution. No, I won’t start suggesting writing a blog or building out a strong YouTube channel. We do both and it’s not easy. What is easy is to write a downloadable guide (or lead magnet). I’m not suggesting a library of downloads (which also helps). Instead, just create one downloadable content piece to get started. Sidenote: If you are consistent in content creation, this method will only accelerate, not distract, from your content plan.

That may still sound imposing, so we suggest creating a guide with the top five tips on your industry or the core problem your software solves.

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create a “top 5” lead magnet.
  1. Pick a topic – Choose one you know enough about that you can give it a little depth
  2. Outline 10 tips – It’s better to have too much content to start and have to cut some later than to come up short overall.
  3. Explain each tip – Write no more than four paragraphs explaining each tip. Each paragraph should be no longer than 3 sentences.
    • Get to the point quickly!
    • Don’t make tips about you or your features.
    • Focus on the pain of the problem so the reader can self-identify.
    • Offer alternatives to your software (manual methods are safe).
  4. Cite a real-life example – Pick one bullet point where you can cite a real-life example. This example should be 2-3 paragraphs. (If you don’t have one you should create a fictional story of what would be a good example. Explain it’s a hypothetical to get your point across, no need to lie.)
  5. Find images – Find one image for each bullet point. Avoid the typical stock photography images and try to be a little creative versus literal.
  6. Add a CTA (call to action) – Finish strong with a “learn more” paragraph. Write 3 sentences about how you can help them with this pain/gain.
  7. Don’t overcomplicate publishing – Start with Google Doc or Microsoft Word and add in a title page. PowerPoint is an easy option to add more design. Export from all these as a PDF.

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