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We put our money where our mouth is

On average, 50% of system integration projects fail. Integrate IQ has a nearly flawless success rate. Our engineers are world class and our standardized approach to each integration virtually ensures success. We have failed to integrate only four systems. Ever. In fact, if we can’t synchronize your data, we’ll give you your money back.

Nobody is faster

On average, we have data flowing from our customer’s first sync in six weeks. Established systems and processes ensure success. We have developed 37 integration recipes covering the vast majority of scenarios. While there are still edge cases, our recipes bring structure and certainty to a typically messy process.

Unrivalled Integration Track Record

More than 5 million fields synch through Integrate IQ-built integrations every day. In fact, we have successfully synchronized 12 billion fields for our customers, including explorations and integrations with more than 180 different systems.


You use HubSpot and need an integration to sync data from between systems.  After our initial call, we believe we understand this project well enough to provide a quote and map out the following integration.

  • We will sync data between HubSpot and your other systems
  • We start with matching properties between your systems and to be sure, we match IDs to avoid creating duplicates
  • When we sync data between HubSpot and your other system(s), we will either update an existing record or create a new one based on whether those IDs exist in our lists
  • Integrate IQ will focus our initial efforts on building the first recipe to provide you quick return on the investment. We won’t move on to other syncs until we have your agreement that the first one is correct.

Project Overview

Objective:  Create an integration between and HubSpot and your other system(s) to ensure data flows as designed and add monitoring to avoid issues.

  1. Verify we can successfully authenticate into Hubspot and your other system(s).
  2. Establish matching of records between HubSpot and your other system(s).
  3. Test moving each triggered sync and related data between the target system to HubSpot.
  4. Execute QA testing in a sandbox.
  5. Get sign off from you on the data sync.
  6. Move the integration to production accounts.
  7. Monitor production accounts to ensure data is triggers are executing and data is flowing as expected.

Project Assumptions

  • Integrate IQ will build the sync based on a list of triggers and fields selected by from our recipe list, which covers a wide variety of business outcomes.
  • All fields outlined by ​you for syncing are accessible from your system(s) via an API.
  • All HubSpot properties for syncing are already created.
  • You will assign a point person as our project contact for updates.
  • After Integrate IQ’s testing is finished, your team will test and sign off after each recipe and change order is complete.


You own any and all data transmitted between and stored in your systems. Integrate IQ owns none of your data and has no right to use it in any way other than to briefly queue and transmit your data as directed by you. Integrate IQ does own the code for this integration.

Roles & Responsibilities

This project runs in two week sprints. There is an expectation you will provide access and information upon request to meet the project deadline. Failure to deliver the required information may shift the delivery timeline.

Integrate IQ is responsible for the following:

  • Development work of this integration project as stated in this scope.
  • One year of continuity to add more recipes with the objects you have purchased.
  • To accommodate ‘s support needs, we offer phone, email and live chat support with a response time of the next business day (typically a few hours).
  • Any API changes made by HubSpot.

You are responsible for the following:

  • Giving Integrate IQ admin access to HubSpot and the target system(s)
  • Providing a spreadsheet of fields in each system we are syncing.
  • Confirmation of business logic to trigger each sync.
  • Approval of final integration after testing and facilitating communication with users/administrators if necessary.

The first recipe will be completed two weeks after the initial payment is received.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Check out our latest terms and conditions here. Terms and conditions may be updated at any time at our sole discression.

Payment Schedule

100% of one-time fees are due due before the project begins. You are committing to the first year of continuity. Payment for the first year of continuity is due before the project begins. Continuity begins sixty days after your initial payment. Once the initial period ends, continuity will continue until canceled and is charged monthly in advance of service.

Additional Terms

  • Support and sync updates provided via continuity have limitations. We will provide up to five hours a month to troubleshoot, update, and correct your integration(s).
  • Continuity includes adding new fields and building new logic.
  • Integrating new systems or objects will be an additional charge.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

We have worked with integrate IQ a little over a year and a half now and I could not recommend them more. We were trying to find a vendor to help integrate HubSpot to our property management system, Entrata, and every vendor was either two expensive or didn’t seem to have the capability to do what we wanted. Not only was Integrate IQ up to the task, they made it super simple and got us up and running very quickly! It sounds too good to be true, but trust me it isn’t! As our needs have evolved they’ve served us so well, tweaking our integration and adding new fields. They have quick, attentive customer service and it has not only been a pleasure to work with them but this integration has fundamentally changed our ability to do business in HubSpot seamlessly!
Kendall Guinn

LV Collective



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