Keys to automation; Diagnosing failed campaigns; Landing page analysis, more

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This week’s roundup includes the keys to automation, what a failed email campaign looks like, reducing email unsubscribes, and more.

Automation: The key to smarter content marketing and business growth

Content Marketing Academy Copy-of-Copy-of-Guest-Blogging-1118x350The image of a sales ‘funnel’ brings forth the idea that the only real goal is getting someone in the funnel, because then they are bound to move downward–to the end goal. The reality is, getting someone in your pipeline is important, but the work is far from over if you want to continue to move that person toward your true goal of conversion.

“When you think of the sales funnel, people often think of it as a top-to-bottom process. You drop leads in at the top and then you get the sale at the bottom. Magic! But sadly, it’s not that simple. In fact, the sales pipeline is better viewed from left to right, and if you have potential customer coming in at the first section, it goes nowhere unless you have the system and process in place to move them.”

But a business–and even a sales person–cannot work individually with every prospect and expect sales to grow at the rate necessary. Insert automation: the key to true growth in your sales. This article explains the why and how of automation to help you get started. [Read more here.]


How to Properly Diagnose a Failed Email Campaign

Skyword stethoscope-840125_1280Email is far from dead. You have been told this; yet your email campaigns are not bringing the results you desire. In fact they may seem to be doing more harm than good.

“But as you know all too well, bad email promotions are death warmed over: email done wrong does your promos and your products a lethal turn.”

There are a number of factors that can quickly and easily kill your email campaigns and this article digs into those causes: (1) Expired email lists (2) Failure to segment audiences (3) Using bad subject lines (4) Lack of post-send analysis (5) Low-quality content    [Read more here.]


Do Prospects Still Appreciate Downloadable Content?

Pure B2B do-prospects-still-appreciate-downloadable-contentIt can sometimes be hard to judge whether or not your standard content is engaging prospects at a level that is worthwhile; however, you can quickly judge your downloadable contact if done right.

“[F]or people looking for facts, trends, figures, or industry insights, downloadable content is a goldmine of information. Now that you’ve created excellent, unique content that generates interest, it’s time to put your lead generation mechanisms into action. You can do this by gating your content. Gated content simply requires that your prospect offers up a few key details like their name, email address, and location, to name a few in exchange for access to your content. Once you’ve exchanged contact information with your prospect, you’re ready to start nudging that lead along your sales funnel with a nurture campaign.”

By gating your content and seeing you who is finding and downloading what you are creating, you are not just getting people in your funnel, but you can also easily tell if your engaging your target audience.  [Read more here.]


7 Advanced Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates (+ Swipe to Steal)

Sleeknote Its-Not-Me-Its-YouEmail unsubscribes are not so much about people not wanting to see or read your emails, it’s about losing a gained relationship with someone who at one point found value in what you had to offer them.

“With email marketing driving more conversions than any other marketing channel, there’s never been a more important time to reduce email unsubscribe rates within your business. The truth is, while you can’t always prevent readers from opting out of your emails, you can reduce the likelihood of them doing so with a few proven practices.”

Perhaps, the emails you are sending are not on topic with why they found interest your business; perhaps the emails are too frequent. Or maybe, they liked the idea of what you have to offer, but email is just not where they actually prefer to hear from brands. This article dives into what many influencers are doing to reduce email unsubscribes and better serve their leads and customers. [Read more here.]


SaaS landing pages in 2017: Our analysis of 100+ top businesses

ChartMogul landing-2017-header-zoomout-940x400We admit, this article is a little overwhelming, but that is only because it is thorough. Your landing pages is something that can be critiqued and reported on a million times over in order to continually be improved and bring better results.

“Regardless of company size, product or target customer, the landing page is often a user’s first contact with your brand. Even if not, it’s always the canonical representation of your brand and your company’s offering. In an age of large-scale social platforms and advertising, your website is likely to be the one remaining web property over which you have complete control. ”

This analysis of over 100 businesses’ landing pages is thorough and bound to help you revamp your own landing pages. [Read more here.]


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