Live video and the future of content marketing; Simple content SEO mistakes; Finding email addresses

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This week’s roundup includes why live video is the future of content marketing, avoiding SEO content mistakes, the importance of email marketing, and more.

Is Live Video the Future of Content Marketing?

Image: Pexels

Image: Pexels

More recently, we have shared several articles preaching the rise of video in the digital content sphere. You can scroll through your Facebook feed and more than likely you will as many videos as anything else. However, the real thing on the rise in terms of content, is live video, which is still fairly new for everyone. New or not, though, it is effective.

“According to research compiled by Twitter, live streaming an event increases brand favorability by 63 percent. Furthermore, 80 percent of Livestream’s survey respondents prefer live video from a brand to social posts. In other words, the contemporary consumer is thirsty for live video.”

But what exactly are the benefits of doing live video, aside from a statistic saying consumers are up for it? Live video is accessible, personal, and interactive in addition to evoking a sense of urgency and being ephemeral. (This article states that Instagram is the only channel with live video that is not ephmeral, but now users have the ability to save their live videos for re-use.)

This article shares great examples of live video as well as detailing the channels offering live video. [Read more here.]


Simple SEO Mistakes Killing Content Marketing

Business 2 Community Blogging-101How many times a day do you use a search engine on the Internet? Probably pretty frequently. And you are probably pretty confident that the search engine you are using is bringing you the best results listed first, right? Of course, and that’s because search engines are super smart and know the difference in good content and bad content. You cannot expect your content to be found and helped by search engines if you are not using SEO properly and pairing it with good content.

This article shares eight specific tips on how you need to change your content strategy in order to help your cause, let SEO actually do it’s job, and get more eyeballs on your piece. And, believe it or not, it’s not just about the words and verbiage of your content, but the layout and design as well. [Read more here.]


10 Super Ninja Ways You Can Find Any Email Address And Avoid Being Pushy At Sales


Find email address you need easily and make your life just a little bit better today 2017-03-22 21-59-11Social media has been a great advantage for brands as a way to connect with their audience, but it is not the frontrunner for a personal one-to-one conversation tool. That still comes back to phone or email where email is the obvious winner.

“The most beautiful thing about email is that it’s not an intrusion on a prospective client’s time. The client can choose to ignore your email and read it whenever he/she wants to. And everybody loves a personal and nicely written email. Although it pays to be brief if we don’t know the person yet.”

If you think email is outdated or phasing out, you are wrong. This article shares ways to hunt down the email address of a particular person you are hoping to reach when their email address may not be readily available. As opposed to a cold call, a personal email might be the best way to get a response from the person you are targeting.  [Read more here.]


6 Steps to Writing Copy That Actually Converts

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

You’re a great writer? Awesome, but until you are converting leads to customers, you are not a great digital copy writer. And, believe it or not, this style of writing is its own art, one that is fluid and has changed (and is still changing) over time.

“Conversions, of course, require knowing exactly how to transform a lead into a sale. And, regardless of what it is you’re selling — be it software, or downloads or online courses — the value of your copy will depend completely on the success of your content marketing strategy.”

Clever copy that converts is a mix of several styles of writing that used to each be saved for different purposes. Now, digital content creation has melded them together, requiring writers to be authentic and personal with their audience while still delivering real data and information in a way that forms a trust between brand and prospect. This article shares six steps to take to improve your copy. [Read more here.]




Why Email Marketing Is Making a Comeback in 2017

Marketing Insider Group 1486324745-email marketing

Statistics are still in favor of email, even if it is sort of seeming ‘old fashioned’ to a newer, younger generation. There are more email users, with higher click-through rates, higher conversions, and a higher ROI.

“No matter how addicting Facebook becomes or how pretty Pinterest is, there’s something about good, old-fashioned email that just can’t be captured in social media. […]Email is also easier to use. Building up an email list takes less work than constantly priming your social media accounts for followers.”

And according to this article, email’s edge above the rest is not going to change in 2017. Although, that is no reason to dump social media, of course. The two marketing mediums simply serve different purposes for a business.  [Read more here.]


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