No-Read Content vs. Long Form; Psychology of colors; Proven marketing tactics

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This week’s roundup includes the benefits of both long-form versus no-read content, the psychology of color use, creating high-value lead magnets, and more.

Long-Form vs. No-Read Content: Which Holds the Future of Content Marketing?

Business 2 Community

business2community-com-serpiq-seo-long-form-content-study-jpgOnline marketers are now arriving at a split in the road and nobody is sure if there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ route at this point. Video and visual content is quickly on the rise, capitalizing on the concept of no-read content and that a message is more readily seen and heard through imagery. On the other hand, a lot of data proves lengthier, quality posts and articles are what a serious prospect is looking for.

“What’s a marketer to do? One camp is telling us to write more words, and the other seems to advocate ditching the writing thing altogether and go all-in on video. As we look to the future of our own content marketing practices, which camp holds the greatest potential for success?

Whether there is a right answer or not is yet to be determined, but read this article to understand the pros of both sides so that which ever road you take, you can be sure you are doing it the best way possible. [Read more here.]


Data Is Vital Ingredient In Content Marketing Success


digital food, tomato made of technology , 3d illustration

Content for the sake of content can easily be labeled a waste of time in the digital marketing age. It will simply be lost in the masses. The key to spending time and resources on content is paying attention the data that revolves around it. The data you are sharing, data on who you are sharing it with, and data on the outcomes.

Forrester reports that companies only analyse 12% of the data they have available. Furthermore, a 2016 study by Conductor found that 38% of content marketers rarely use data, and 45% of B2C content marketers don’t target their content.”

In our information age, the data available is nearly limitless. In fact, there is so much available, that perhaps that is the very reason we tend to lean away from deciphering it: too much is too overwhelming. This article is an excellent first step in utilizing your data to your advantage. [Read more here.]


The Psychology Of Colors In Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

the-psychology-of-colors-in-content-marketing-marketing-insider-group-2017-02-22-22-11-52Not to stress you out even more over the details of your content, but are you aware that the colors you are using on your pages and in your images are having an impact on your prospects?

“Sites that rely on content marketing tactics like blogging need to use images to help break up the text and give their readers’ eyes a break. But there is another way to utilize images to make your content strategy even more effective, through the psychology of colors. ”

This article shares why red and blue are the two colors you need to primarily focus on, while highlighting some of the appeals and associations with other colors. [Read more here.]


15 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less


unnamedCreating a high-converting lead magnet can seem like a major undertaking. So much so that you may be putting it off for when you “find time”. This article, though, points in a great direction for pumping out the lead magnets you desire in an easy and quick manner, without giving up the quality of the end result. The author simply asks a single question:

“What’s the simplest non-technical way I can create the most valuable, high-converting content possible?”

This list of 15 ideas plays on things you are currently doing as a part of your successful routine, and encourages you to put them down in digital format as ‘giveaways’ that will grow your email list. [Read more here.]


These Six Content Marketing Tactics Will Give You 142% More Traffic in Six Months


quicksprout-com-image05-1Content marketing is no longer the thing in question. Every online marketers knows it’s a must in their strategy. So the real question is what actually works in a content strategy. Neil Patel shares how to get your answer with six tactics.

“They target your audience in different ways, and when used collectively, they can produce a traffic surge. I’ve experimented with each one and have seen positive results. Collectively, they helped me increase my traffic by 142% in six months.”

Read his full post to understand more on his six tactics, which are: (1) Create multiple landing pages (2) Make infographics (3) Create “cornerstone” blog posts (4) Use video (5) Use live video (6) Content curation. [Read more here.]


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