Personalization efforts lead to profitability; Interactive storytelling examples; Landing page best practices

Personalization efforts

This week’s roundup includes examples of interactive storytelling, best practices for landing pages, clarifying your message, and more.

Study: Personalization Efforts Leading to Increased Profitability

Komarketing monetate-640x569If there was ever a time to get personal, it’s now. We’re talking in both marketing and advertising. Everyone has ads thrown in their face everywhere they go, and the real way to stand out is for a prospect to feel as though they are connecting with something or someone. According to the 2017 Personalization Development Study from Monetate, 95 percent of marketers who did a 3x increase to their ROI through personalization saw a rise in profitability last year.

“Approximately 88 percent of those who exceeded their income predictions intend to increase their budget for personalization this year. Twenty-six percent of marketers who achieved revenue expectations will do the same.”

While marketers are realizing the necessity and advantage of personalization, most are still working towards fully implementing a strategy. Only 6 percent of marketers claim to be in the ‘advanced’ stages of personalization. [Read more here.]


Interactive Storytelling: How to Make Your Content Strategy Soar in 2017 (with Examples and Stats)

Business 2 Community g2JATW3.pngYou can read every post, watch all the video,s and get the how-to guides on content marketing, but no matter how much you try to educate and mimmick what is said to be the “best” way to utilize content marketing, it still comes back to one thing: your story. The only way (and the best way) you can actually stand out in the crowd (because, trust us, there is quite the crowd in content marketing) is to share the story that is unique to you and your business.

“Stories light up the brain more than factual reporting or data. When people read factual reports, only two regions of the brain activate. FMRI studies show that storytelling activates additional areas of the brain. The brain reacts to stories as if they are actually happening to the reader. Stories change the brain’s chemistry. When a reader is engaged with an emotional story their brain produces oxytocin (the “trust hormone”), a substance proven to increase trustworthiness and generosity.”

On top of that, stories engage the audience quicker and better when done through an interactive medium. This article not only explains the advantages of storytelling, but gives examples of companies doing it right on their landing pages, ads, and websites. [Read more here.]


10 Landing Page Best Practices to Convert Traffic


10 Landing Page Best Practices to Convert Traffic 2017-03-15 22-31-52Marketing and advertising have a lot of stages in the digital world and while getting a lead to a landing page is a victory of sorts, it’s not the end goal.

“A landing page is where all your inbound marketing efforts are celebrated. You’ve invited your party people (aka members of your target audience) to join in on the fun by writing keyword-infused and gripping blog posts, AdWord campaigns, social media content, press releases, email marketing and more.  While these invites were delivered through various online channels, they all directed your audience to a one location—a web page built around a singular, focused objective.”

So, while it’s great that people arrive on the page, the next step, and true victory, is conversion. Is your landing page achieving that? Consider this article a check list of best practices for landing pages and make sure yours are passing the test. [Read more here.]


Three Steps for Crafting More-Personalized and Better-Performing Content

MarketingProfs 170307-warwick-channel-reportNo matter what your niche or industry may be, there is a way to make it compelling and interesting to your target audience. Figuring out what that way is, exactly, is the key to effective content.

“To create high-performing content that drives business goals, content marketers must create content highly tailored to their specific industry or niche—no matter how oversaturated or ‘boring’ that industry may seem—and also personalized for their specific audience.”

This gives an in-depth explanation of three musts in bettering the performance of your content: (1) Investing in learning about your customers (2) Segmenting your audience (3) Experimentation. [Read more here.]


Increase Conversions by Improving the Clarity of Your Value Proposition

Unbounce word-cloud-1How often have you had trouble figuring out exactly what a business, app or website does? You might know what general purpose or field it is related to, but the true value or function is lost to you. Or what about searching for information online? Do you pull up a search result and quickly close it when the answer you are hunting for does not jump out at you?

“[T]he whole ‘attention span of a goldfish’ is not really the point anymore. It’s not about the length of our attention span, it’s about how our lack of attention is influencing how we interact with technology. This is why clarity is the most important part of the conversion equation.”

This article is aimed at helping you better find the best and clearest way to communicate with your audience. Cut to the chase and tell them who you are and what you do. Don’t leave it to question any longer, because if you do, more than likely, anyone who comes upon your landing page or homepage, won’t stick around to find an answer.` [Read more here.]


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To maximise engagement post high quality images that score a high ‘Rare’ factor. Rare meaning something that isnt too commonly seen. It will make your content stand out and most importantly, it gets attention because its different. This is basic stuff but so many businesses post bad or very common images. If your image is a photo then ensure the lighting is really good. A bad resolution and or bad lighting photo on social media does not successfully engage with your audience. You don’t need a fancy professional camera, your Phone’s camera is good enough. #SocialMarketing #Service #OpportunityCost #Value #Sales #Marketing #Closers #Business #Servitude #Knowledge #SocialMedia #DigitalMarketing #London

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