Repurposing old content; Improving Email CTR; Visual content for social media

repurposing old content

This week’s roundup includes tips for repurposing old content, analysis of over 70,000 sales calls, visual content on social media, improving your email click-through-rate, and more.

11 Advanced Techniques for Repurposing Old Content


quicksprout-com-image01-11Most good content takes time to create–whether it be an article, video, ebook or some other download. If you take the in depth time to create something of quality, be sure to juice it for all its worth. You should be repurposing old content constantly and it’s really not hard to do. There are numerous ways to use the exact same piece of content and continue to get more leads.

“The beauty of this technique is that you can repurpose any type of content. Articles, videos, checklists—you name it.”

This article shares 11 techniques for repurposing content that you can put into action today. [Read more here.]


3 Takeaways to Increase Your Close Rate Based on 72,326 Calls Analyzed


medium-com-jcrisp-0-otpl3waqxythuqbaIf part of your sales approach involves phone calls to leads, figuring out what works and doesn’t work can be hard to analyze. So much happens in a single phone call but it’s not as trackable as clicks through a website or emails. Fortunately for the rest of us, this article reveals the research analysis of over 70,000 sales calls.

Do you know if the lead mentioning a competitor early in the call is a good sign? Do you know how long is too long for a lead to go on a talking streak pre-demo? How long is ok for you to talk about your company?

The data is all here to answer these questions and more. Check it out and help your sales team become more effective on the phone.  [Read more here.]


How to Use Visual Content for Spectacular Social Media Marketing


mention-com-pasted-image-08Most of us can admit it takes a strong visual to truly capture our attention when scrolling through social media accounts. It’s such a messy flood of posts it is impossible to take it all in. Studies have shown that visual posts receive the most attention and that they are impressionable. However, more and more businesses and marketers are realizing this fact, so more and more accounts are adding visuals to their posts. This means you need more than just visuals, you need good visuals.

“Venngage’s Marketing Director, Nadya Khoja, joined us to break down their social media content strategy, and explained how to create impressive visual content that builds long-lasting relationships with any social media audience.”

This article gets specific on what types of visuals work well for Facebook and Instagram and how to create them. [Read details here.]


5 Psychology Principles You Can Use to Improve Email Click-Through Rates


blog-spently-com-0-mbb1vwsz0fdc5-snAn inbox is what the physical mailbox used to be: a collection of mostly uninteresting junk that you continue to check everyday hoping something interesting actually shows up. We expect junk and spam in our inbox, so how do you find a way to be the email that stands out and excites someone?

“Email isn’t dead, but attention for online consumers is at a premium. […]Although we focus mostly on transactional emails here at Spently, we wanted to provide you with a handful of tips that can help you optimize every type of email marketing campaign you send out to prospects and customers.”

This article covers five points that can turn your email campaigns into a success: color, personalization, social proof, curiosity and novelty, and consistency. [Read more here.]


How Design Impacts the Psychology of Sales


sketchdeck-com-5840922d2d3763df78bff2a6_image-16-1It may not be a conscious act, but more often than not, a lead already has a judgement about you and your business long before any words are actually exchanged.

“Within the first 13 milliseconds of starting your sales presentation, your prospects have already visually identified the content of the images in your sales deck and begun emotional processing of them. […]That’s why design so powerfully affects the psychology of sales. Your reactive visual processing happens so quickly that it frames all of the high-level cognitive processes that come later.”

Read this article to better understand how you can heighten the emotional response of your prospects. [Read more here.]



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