Missed Connections, Lost Opportunities

A Houston-based provider of premium dog care services, known for its luxurious indoor/outdoor play areas and personalized attention, found itself struggling to connect the dots. Their scheduling and accounting platform, Gingr, operated as an island, separate from their marketing platform, HubSpot.

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  • Custom Integration

  • Training

  • Data Cleanup

Best in Class Systems & Siloed Data

This data disconnect hampered their ability to:

  • Gain actionable insights: Without real-time reports on customer behavior and service usage, tailoring marketing efforts was like throwing treats in the dark.
  • Target the right pups: Segmenting customers based on purchasing history, a key to effective marketing, was near impossible. Imagine trying to sell a spa package to a dog who only uses daycare!
  • Unlock cross-sell potential: Missed opportunities lurked everywhere. How could they recommend additional same-day services like training classes to loyal customers who only used daycare? Revenue potential was slipping through their fingers.
  • Fill open slots dynamically: Real-time updates on training and grooming availability were non-existent. Filling those last-minute spots meant relying on guesswork, not data.

Building Bridges, Streamlining Operations

Integrate IQ stepped in to bridge the data gap between Gingr and HubSpot. We crafted a custom integration using webhooks, ensuring seamless data flow. Here’s what it looked like:

Two-way Street: Data flowed freely between Gingr and HubSpot, keeping HubSpot updated with the latest customer information.

Bridging the Past: A massive data backfill ensured all existing customer data in Gingr was migrated to HubSpot prior to turning on the integration, creating a unified customer view.

Future-Proofing: We collaborated with Gingr to enhance their integration capabilities, paving the way for future automation and seamless data exchange.

Cleaning Up the Act: Existing data discrepancies were addressed, ensuring both platforms operated with accurate and consistent information.

Tail Wags and Happy Owners

The integration delivered a wag-worthy boost to the dog care provider’s business:

Automated Customer Segmentation: Marketing campaigns could now be laser-focused on specific customer segments based on their Gingr purchase history. “Spa Day for Poodles” anyone?

Marketing Muscles Flexed: Previously non-existent marketing efforts were empowered by the data flow from Gingr, allowing them to reach the right customers with the right message.

Sales & Marketing Harmony: Gingr facilitated sales while HubSpot handled marketing, with a seamless exchange of data ensuring a smooth workflow. No more chasing tails trying to find information.

Increased Sales Opportunities: Real-time data from Gingr allowed for dynamic sales of open slots in training and grooming, maximizing revenue and ensuring no furry friend got left out of the fun.

Unleashing Business Growth

This case study is a pawsitive example of how Integrate IQ empowers businesses like this premium dog care provider. By eliminating data silos and facilitating automation, we unlocked valuable insights, streamlined operations, and created a foundation for significant business growth. Now, this company can focus on what they do best: providing exceptional care and creating happy, healthy pups.

About Integrate IQ

Established in 2013, Integrate IQ provides customers worldwide custom development and consulting, system integration, and a variety of HubSpot-enabling SaaS applications. These solutions are delivered by a unique, fully-remote team of subject matter experts specializing in backend development, project management, and sales and marketing.

The team has successfully integrated hundreds and hundreds of systems over the years. In fact, we have integrated more than 200 different platforms to date. In 2023 alone, 16 billion records seamlessly flowed through our integrations. With decades of experience, established systems and processes, we take the complexity of integrations off our customer’s plates. Integration projects are typically complete within eight weeks of the kickoff meeting.

As a HubSpot Diamond partner with the custom integration accreditation, Integrate IQ is a well-known and well-regarded HubSpot enablement and integration expert in the HubSpot ecosystem. We are admitted HubSpot fans and view our core mission as enabling HubSpot users to make the most of the platform. We do this through professional services like onboarding, training, and of course custom integrations. 

In addition we offer a number of HubSpot-enabling software as a service products in a related brand family called Smart Ramp. These products enable HubSpot users to send and receive automated, bulk, and one-to-one text messages from the HubSpot platform (Message IQ); configure and launch customer status portals for deals and tickets in 90 seconds (Status IQ); provide salespeople current product inventory information from the HubSpot deal record (Stock IQ); and enable the simple configuration and use of multiple price lists within the HubSpot deal interface (Price IQ). 

We are a fully remote team of the integration engineers, project managers, and business consultants based in the US with operations in Costa Rica and Brazil.

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