Redmond, WA, September 19, 2023 – Integrate IQ, a HubSpot Diamond partner and leader in seamless system integration solutions, today announced the general availability of three products within the Smart Ramp family. These products are set to revolutionize the way businesses leverage HubSpot’s capabilities, further establishing Integrate IQ as a trailblazer in the HubSpot enablement space.

Introducing the new Smart Ramp Products

  • Price IQ: Price IQ introduces a groundbreaking approach to configure, price and quote  (CPQ) management within HubSpot. Businesses can now effortlessly create and apply an unlimited number of price lists, catering to diverse customer segments and go to market models. With intuitive controls and flexibility, Price IQ empowers users to offer granular pricing from within HubSpot Deals like never before, ensuring the right price is presented to the right customer segment while enforcing structured pricing.
  • Status IQ: Enhancing customer communication, Status IQ introduces a streamlined customer portal. This dynamic tool provides real-time status updates based on HubSpot Deal or Ticket stages. In under two minutes, businesses can configure and deploy Status IQ, offering customers unparalleled transparency and engagement throughout the sales and support journey – all without changing existing workflows or maintaining another platform.
  • Stock IQ: Keeping sales teams well-informed, Stock IQ enriches HubSpot Deal records with up-to-the-minute product inventory information synced from the ERP system. Salespeople can now make informed decisions when developing quotes, ensuring a seamless customer experience by aligning available product stock with sales efforts.

These three new Smart Ramp products join Message IQ, which enables HubSpot users to send and receive text messages from within HubSpot, and are a testament to Integrate IQ’s commitment to enhancing HubSpot platform capabilities and empowering businesses to reach new heights of efficiency and success.

“As HubSpot Diamond partners, our dedication to innovation and customer success is unwavering,” says Tim Ritchie, CEO at Integrate IQ. “The launch of Price IQ, Status IQ, and Stock IQ showcases our commitment to simplifying complex processes and enabling businesses to harness HubSpot’s potential more effectively.”

Availability and More Information

The new Smart Ramp products are set to be available for use starting September 19, 2023. To learn more about Price IQ, Status IQ, and Stock IQ, visit our website for additional details, features, pricing and how these products can elevate your HubSpot experience.

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About Integrate IQ: Integrate IQ is a HubSpot Diamond partner enabling HubSpot customer success through seamless system integrations and intuitive app solutions. With a history of successful integrations, standardized processes, and a world-class development team, Integrate IQ empowers businesses to optimize their revenue operations and drive growth.

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