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Intelligently connect your data where you want in the system you know.

HubSpot NetSuite Integration – Seamless & Tailored to Your Business

hubspot netsuite integration

Close the Loop Between Your Accounting, Marketing & Sales

The power of NetSuite is impressive from inventory to fulfillment to financial management.  Using our HubSpot NetSuite Integration will allow you to close the loop on sales and marketing.  You can sync invoice data, items for quotes and orders and build complete ROI reporting in HubSpot.

Leverage the Full HubSpot Platform

HubSpot has built a business platform that is far from just marketing and sales.  With HubSpot’s multiple hubs you can track your customer lifecyle from contact to contract to customer service.  Adding more data into HubSpot only enhances its platform’s capabilities.

hubspot reporting

Unlimited Sync Options
Between HubSpot and NetSuite

Your Integration, Your Rules. Whether you want data to flow in real time or under certain circumstances, we can build the sync to fit your exact needs.

One-Way Sync

Two-Way Sync

Conditional Sync

We’ll Make Sure Your HubSpot – NetSuite Integration is Tailored to Your Business

When integrations aren’t done right, they wreak havoc on your system, create more work for you and give you useless reports. Our HubSpot – NetSuite integration is pre-built and fully customizable. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all integration, so go with our tailored approach that fits your specific needs and future-proofs your system.

You Tell Us the Who, What & Why

The who is the individual or team that needs the data. What systems need syncing? Finally, whether you need data for campaigns, reports or lead assignments, the why ensures we give you exactly what you want.

We handle the how

All you have to do is tell us the data you want and where you want it. Then, we’ll put it right at your fingertips and help you determine the best way to organize it.

Our team is here for changes

Changes will happen. That’s why we proactively monitor for any issues and to ensure your integration adapts. This is all covered in your maintenance, so you’ll never get an invoice for this monitoring.

Unlimited Object Mapping

We are able to create or modify any object or field in HubSpot and NetSuite













Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take?

We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. The Integrate IQ on-boarding process is extremely structured. From the beginning, we tell you what we need from you and what to expect from us, complete with deadlines for every phase of the project. Typically the process takes 2-3 weeks in total to complete.

What if My Software Isn’t Listed?

We’re not scared. As long as your software has an open API, we can connect it to HubSpot. Some of favorite projects have involved esoteric, niche softwares. Whether your software is in the cloud or the closet, odds are we’ll be able to connect it.

Can’t Zapier Do This?

Make no mistake: we LOVE Zapier and use it frequently. If Zapier has an integration that solves your problems, we strongly recommend you use it! If your integration needs go deeper than what Zapier can provide, that’s where we come in.

How Much Does it Cost?

Every integration project comes with a one-time setup fee and a 12-month maintenance agreement.

After the initial 12-month term, clients are moved to a month-to-month agreement.

I’ve Been Told This Isn’t Possible. Is it?

99% of the time, the answer is yes, it’s possible. We encourage you to challenge us on this. If you’ve been told it can’t be done, we’re the ones to call to get a no-nonsense final answer.

I’m Not in the US – Can You Still Help?

Of course! Our integration process can work anywhere. We have expert engineers fluent in both English and Spanish, and can work with you regardless of your location.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

We worked with Integrate IQ on a complex integration and now we have a fantastic solution that makes HubSpot work even better!

Ben Donahower

HubSpot Partner
We worked with Integrate IQ on a complex integration and now we have a fantastic solution that makes HubSpot work even better!

Ben Donahower

HubSpot Partner

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