Streamlining Operations Through System Integration: How Integrate IQ Unified Data for a 60-Year Staffing Leader

For over six decades, this nationwide staffing provider has been a go-to resource for major companies like Walmart when hiring project-based and seasonal workers across manufacturing, distribution, and other blue-collar industries. However, maintaining efficient operations proved challenging with critical data siloed across multiple disconnected systems.

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The Disconnected Landscape

Our client relied on Goldmine CRM for over 20 years to house customer and sales data. In 2021, they transitioned to the Avionté platform to handle workforce management, payroll, billing and operational needs. During that transition our customer sought out a CRM that provided sales specific capabilities. So, our client turned to HubSpot for their marketing, sales, and customer service requirements.

This created a fragmented technology ecosystem with data scattered across three different platforms:

  • Goldmine (Historical Sales Data)
  • Avionté (Operations Data)
  • The newly implemented HubSpot CRM

The sales team was having to constantly swing between Goldmine for historical account details, Avionté for workforce and accounting information, and HubSpot to manage active deals and pipelines. Our client was duplicating data entry efforts and lacked a unified view, which caused errors and slow response times.

Integrating for Operational Efficiency

To solve these disconnected data challenges, the staffing company turned to Integrate IQ, the premier HubSpot integration specialists. Integrate IQ’s developers built a sophisticated bi-directional data sync between HubSpot and Avionté to unify the core CRM and operational systems.

The integration allowed contact, company and deal data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms based on pre-defined rules and workflows. When a new contact or company record was created in Avionté, the integration pushed that contact and company ID into HubSpot. When a contact was created in HubSpot, contact and company fields are synced to Avionté, excluding any contacts with a free email domain. 

Reaping the Integration Benefits

Implementing the Avionté -HubSpot integration was a game changer for our client. By connecting HubSpot and Avionté, the staffing leader was able to decommission the legacy Goldmine CRM entirely. With data unified, they realized numerous operational benefits:

  • The sales team could run their entire process out of the HubSpot CRM without toggling between systems
  • Back office staff gained instant visibility into relevant customer, deal and project data from HubSpot
  • Data error rates plummeted by eliminating duplicate entry across multiple platforms
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics became streamlined within HubSpot’s reporting tools
  • Overall staff efficiency and productivity saw a marked improvement

Integrate IQ’s best-in-class integration capabilities purpose-built for HubSpot allowed this 60-year industry veteran to modernize their tech stack, centralize data, and operate more nimbly to meet evolving staffing demands.

If your company is looking to unlock similar benefits by connecting HubSpot with other critical business applications, Integrate IQ can design and deploy a custom integration tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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