Fast or Slow SaaS growth, Best SaaS Cities and Getting SaaS Users

In this week’s roundup, we found several gems including choosing a growth speed, the best cities for SaaS jobs (which may surprise you) and 21 ways to get early users.  

2016 Report on the State of SaaS

Better Buys

The 2016 SaaS report from software analysis firm Better Buys was recently released and reveals the fast-growing industry is rapidly evolving into a vertical system expected to continue infiltrating the business world. Currently, 64% of businesses rely on cloud-based technology, while 78% plan to expand into SaaS platforms in the future.

“To gain valuable insights into the SaaS industry amidst these notable trends, we analyzed various data about consumer spending, job listings and salaries, and top SaaS companies and company types. To discover where the industry has been as well as where it’s headed, read on for a big-picture view of the state of SaaS,” states Better Buys.

This TechRepublic article breaks down what the report’s findings means for businesses and their employees as the use of the cloud becomes the norm.
State of SaaS 2016



How good design & web psychology increase conversions

SaaS Genius

Good design and web psychology are keys to increasing sales and customer relations, but two elements that can be hard to figure out. Tailoring your online communication is a proven way to increase conversion rates–and that communication extends beyond the words you use. This article explores the psychological influence of everything on your site from your overall template to things as simple as your color scheme. These are all factors in the language of persuasion.

web psychology



How fast does a SaaS startup have to grow to survive?

Seeking Alpha

It’s no secret that a SaaS startup must grow quickly in order to survive in the competitive and rapidly developing market. But how fast, exactly, do you need to be growing to stand a chance of survival, let alone real success? This article breaks down the highlights of the recent McKinsey study on Grow Fast or Die Slow and it’s two parts: The five key factors of success in the early stages and the defining characteristics of enduring software businesses.

Saas business growth



21 fast ways to introduce your SaaS to as many people as possible

SaaS Genius

After spending countless hours preparing your SaaS business, the final step can leave many overwhelmed in how to proceed: attracting users. You want to do it quickly to find out what works and what doesn’t. Tom Gorski breaks down 21 ways to quickly attract users to your business and divides it into three sections: attracting qualified traffic, content promotion, and conversion rate optimization.

growthhacking tactics



Why less isn’t always more for SaaS sites


Consumer apps have shifted in the direction of simplicity and most SaaS businesses tend to follow the trends of successful consumer products, but what is good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Shah Hiten shared findings from a recent experiment done over 30 different websites and the common pitfalls of the popular linear designed site. The overarching flaw is that simplicity can leave many users confused about your product with no way of getting answers. Hiten’s article also gives recommendations on overcoming these flaws.

Why Less Isn't Always More for SaaS Sites 2016-08-04 15-10-13

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